Meets 7:00 PM Thursdays
Shepherdsville Community Center

  Boy Scouting


As second year Webelos near the end of their Cub Scouting careers (typically during their 5th grade year in school), most Webelos in Pack 868 will be well-prepared to transition from Cub Scouting into Boy Scouting.

As a 2nd year Webelos Scout in Pack 868, boys will work toward earning the Arrow of Light Award, the highest rank attainable in the Cub Scouting Program.  Webelos in Pack 868 will also have numerous opportunities to participate in various outings and activities with the Boy Scouts of Troop 868, so both they and their parents will get to know Troop 868's leaders and become familiar with the troop's program.  All of this advance preparation will make the transition from Cub Scouting into Boy Scouting a smooth and comfortable experience.

Boy Scouting is markedly different from Cub Scouting.  It is designed to hold the interest and meet the needs of boys at the middle and high school levels (6th through 12th grades).  Whereas Cub Scout packs are run by parents, Boy Scout troops are run by the boys themselves under the supervision and guidance of the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters.  Parents, both moms and dads, are still actively involved in the program, but the roles they play are much different from the parents' role in Cub Scouting.  Boy Scouts are pre-teens and teens; they are young men, not "children" and so they are granted both greater freedom and more responsibility for running their troop.

Boys may join the Boy Scouting program at age 11 or upon completing 5th grade.  If they are Webelos Cub Scouts and have earned the Arrow of Light Award, they may join at age 10.  It is not required that boys be a Cub Scout before becoming a Boy Scout, but boys who have enjoyed being Cub Scouts are much more likely to be interested in Boy Scouting.

Webelos from any pack are free to visit and join any troop of their choosing.  Webelos in Pack 868 are not required to join Troop 868; but this will be an obvious choice and most Pack 868 Webelos will probably go in that direction.  We recommend Troop 868 because it is one of the most organized, most active, and overall best troops in the entire Lincoln Heritage Council. 

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