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WEEKLY DEN MEETINGS (August~December, 2011)
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During weekly den meetings, Cub Scouts work on rank advancement requirements, make crafts, play games, and/or take field trips.  Activities are planned by the Den Leaders and can vary widely from week to week.  But emphasis is always on learning in a FUN way.

At our meeting on September 1, Cubs competed in an "egg carry relay" where eggs were carried on a plastic spoon and passed between team members. As one might expect, there not all the egg transfers were successful ... hence the reason the game was played on a wide plastic runner.
At our meeting on September 8, the Bear Den received instruction from Committee Chairman Tom Gordon on knife safety and carving techniques. The boys were then given a block of soap and an opportunity to practice what they had learned by trying to carve something.
The September 8 meeting ended with a balloon race, the kicker being that the balloons had be to carried between the legs --- not as easy as it sounds! This Webelos thought he would have more success pinching it with his knees than with his thighs.
Each den had a team.  Den Chief Nicholas and several of the Den Leaders also participated.  People slow down when they have to think about every step they take!
At our weekly den meetings on October 13, the first year Webelos cut and tooled leather. At the same meeting, our Bear Den started making paper mache masks.  Den Chief Shawn held the balloon steady as Dennis applied the strips of paper.

And over in the Tiger Den, the boys were putting together then painting wooden toy models such as the helicopter Holden is assembling.

The meeting ended that week with a game that involved shaking gum balls from one 2-liter bottle into another.  Each den chose one scout to represent their group.
Cubmaster Frank (representing the adult leaders) squared off against Zach (representing our second year Webelos).  The Bear Den's representative competed against Kenneth (representing our first year Webelos).